Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well, I've been a little busy

The few people who follow this blog may have wondered where I disappeared to. The casual observers out there may have just chalked it up as another blog started with the best of intentions that fizzled away. And they may be right, in the end. But not today. Because I'm back, and I'm bringing baby with me.

This little guy joined our family in November. Baby E. came pretty close to being born in the car, which would have earned him the name 'Yaris Route Nine,' so it is a good thing for him that he waited a bit longer to make his entrance. But you can't beat being admitted to the hospital at 6:52am and having the baby at 7:15am. After our 16 hour marathon the first time around, we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves when the dust had cleared. Believe it or not, I actually left the hospital 3 hours after he was born to go pick up some cider I had pre-ordered from an orchard down the road. Last time we felt shell-shocked for weeks afterward. This time, our biggest concern was what to order for lunch.

Of course, then we got home, and I remembered what it is like to wake up 5 times a night. And the incessant crying was something I knew, theoretically, would happen. But my brain blocked out the reality of what that is actually like. And the double load of cloth diapers has been an adjustment. But hey, he just learned to smile, so I'm all in.

Now that he is only getting up a few times a night I feel like I can find a bit of time to write again and still sleep for six hours or so. I have some pretty cool projects I am dying to cover, so stay tuned. But I think I will close with one more gratuitous pic of my latest and greatest work. Enjoy.

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