Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Elusive Garden Gnome

A little red garden gnome visits me quite often. I have been trying to take her picture forever, but she is notoriously camera shy.
But I came across a passage in an old book about the best way to attract gnomes: bubbles! Gnomes love bubbles--who knew? Once I broke them out, she slowly emerged from the woods.
The little gnome didn't quite know what to make of them at first, but she quickly fell under their spell and had to take a try herself.
It took awhile. She even gave them a taste, but nothing was working.
She began to lose hope.
But gnomes are a stubborn lot, so she stuck with it and eventually--success!
She was so happy, she even smiled for the camera.
There's nothing cuter than a happy gnome.


  1. Oh my gosh! How beautiful!

  2. she is a special gnome indeed. And you are a special dad as well

  3. Thank you both, it was a pretty special morning.


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