Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Day

Under the Maypole.
Don't misunderstand me--I do not mean May Day as in my ship is going down (although on some days...). I mean May Day as in the celebration of the first of May and a welcome to spring. Nelson holds a great gathering every year on the town green with a maypole, Morris Dancers, and a cakewalk. I wasn't sure what a cakewalk was, and have since learned that it involves kids walking around the maypole and then stopping all at the same time. If you are standing on a wooden plaque, and the number on the wooden plaque matches the number called, then you win a cake. A whole cake! Sounds good to me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Search of Wild Edibles

 A friend gave me a tip the other day about a nearby location for fiddleheads. For the uninitiated, fiddleheads are what ferns are called as they emerge from the ground, before they unfold. While not all are edible, and some are slightly carcinogenic, if you find a patch of Ostrich Ferns, you got it made. Because they are considered safe to eat, and are absolutely delicious.