Friday, December 2, 2011

How Jerks Like Me Police Craigslist

I have a real problem with craigslist over-posters. They offer the same useless crap three or four times a week and it drives me up the wall. This morning, possibly because I was rudely awakened at five a.m. by an inconsolable little angel, I decided to do something about it. Oh yeah, I'm a badass all right. Welcome to nerd justice, or the equivalent of an English major's drive-by shooting. This sucka just got served!

To the guy selling Land Rover Leaf Springs - $100 (Keene/Swanzey)

Date: 2011-12-02, 6:40AM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Let me explain to you how craigslist works. There is a rule about over-posting, wherein you should not post the same item more than once a month. Sure, lots of people break that rule, but it is there for a reason, so as not to clog up craigslist with the same stuff. So if someone likes to browse by area, let's say Keene for instance, he doesn't have to look through ten ads for Land Rover Leaf Springs in the space of two weeks.

But over-posting is not even your worst offense. It is your inability to grasp the basic concept of how browsing on craigslist works. Do you really think an item as specific as Land Rover Front Leaf Springs is something a casual browser is going to suddenly realize they need? That dude who is idly looking for a local bargain of some sort is not going to come across your ad three times in three pages and at the third viewing suddenly smack his forehead and say 'Man, I have to have those leaf springs.' I feel comfortable in stating this unequivocally since your posting for Leaf Springs has run once or twice a week, every week, for seemingly forever.

Here's how it works: someone who needs something specific, such as a set of Land Rover Leaf Springs, is going to go to the search bar and enter...wait for it...'Land Rover Leaf Springs'. Or maybe 'Leaf Springs Land Rover'. Either way, your post will come up, undoubtedly first in the listings, because it will be the only one in the listings. You have zero competition on this front. You have cornered the Land Rover Leaf Springs market on the Keene/Swanzey area craigslist. So even if you posted, say, ONCE A MONTH, you would still be first! Congratulations! You win.

So take what you have learned here today and please apply it. It will save you time and help the Keene/Swanzey craigslist listings become a bit less cluttered. Thank you.


  1. Does anyone know where I can get some Land Rover Leaf Springs. Thank you.

  2. I love the labels on your post. I can't believe you got flagged for this, you're giving the basic 411!

  3. @Tiffanie
    Yes, it's a thankless job to be a craiglist hero, but someone has to do it (he says as he stands on a rooftop overlooking Gotham, staring off into the distance with a selfless yet determined look upon his face, his cape fluttering out behind him in the breeze).


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