Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Olive's First Halloween

Proving she is truly the queen bee around here, Olive looked pretty darn cute as a honeybee. No trick or treating for her this year, but we did go to a great celebration at our Town Hall here in Nelson. It was put together by parents who are trying to keep all of our kids connected, since we have some in town who are home-schooled or attend private schools and there just aren't too many things going on to bring them together. Stuff like this is one reason why I love this place.

The party was old school, with crafts, homemade games, bobbing for apples, a whoopie pie eating contest and a little bit of music provided by a local cowboy. 

I played a song I learned off of a great Pete Seeger album put out by Smithsonian Folkways: 'Birds, Beasts, Bugs, & Fishes Little and Big'. It is all banjo and voice and a great mix of songs and stories, with Pete at his vocal best. I play it every day and Olive seems to dig it, so I recommend it for anyone who has little ones and who can tolerate 65 minutes of continual banjo. 

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