Friday, October 28, 2011

Quick Thoughts on Babble's Top 50 Dad Blogs

As a new dad blogger Babble's Top 50 Dad Blog list caught my attention. I clicked through the links and checked out a few and my first thought is this: Where the fuck do these guys find the time? 

Seriously, some of these dudes are posting five times a week, in depth with pictures. Or they constantly find pertinent daddy content on the web and link up to it. Or they are reviewing stuff endlessly. I was able to sneak a peek at the list, and briefly review three of the sites before WAAAAH nap time is over and its back to work. If I can get in a shower and breakfast before noon I am proud of myself. Am I that bad at time management? Is my kid so much more demanding than theirs?  Do they have a hot Swedish nanny that allows them to cruise around online and leisurely type witty posts? Let me in on that secret, because as I write this roughly six hours after I saw the list I am truly baffled.

At any rate, here are a few names I thought were intriguing, clever or just weird enough to want me to read more:
Now I am not in any way endorsing these blogs, although I am sure they are all pretty good. Because to endorse them, I would have to take a few hours to read them all, a few hours I sure as hell do not have. If I did have a few hours to spare I would do something constructive, like shower twice, since it's a good bet I will not have time to shower tomorrow so I may as well be extra clean today.

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  1. Ha! How do you feel about the mommy bloggers who do the same? Women are much better at multitasking?

    I am amazed at how much unoriginal content there is on even some of the top blogs. Those posts don't take very long, linking to someone else or selling a product, so I think that's why some bloggers can keep the momentum.

    I am relegated to loading pictures during the day and banging out a post in the middle of the night!



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