Monday, September 5, 2011

Before we get started...

I imagine complaining about other bloggers is not a good way to start off a new blog, but I've got a bone to pick with some other dads out there. Actually, I shouldn't even call you bloggers, because if you haven't posted anything since 2004, you're not really maintaining an 'active web presence'. But, for some reason, instead of admitting you have moved on from blogging and are now seriously into planking, you are hogging some pretty good blog names.

Do you really suffer from the delusion that you might pick it up again, adding to those two riveting posts from six years ago about dirty diapers and a trip to Disney? Or are you just too lazy to go into your settings and delete it, therefore freeing up the name for a new round of dads who will inevitably write a few posts and then give up as well. My guess is you forgot your username and password. My advice is to try this:

username: username
password: password

That's how long it has been since you posted, back when online security was no big deal and a firewall was a 7th level spell in Dungeons and Dragons. C'mon, dudes, give the rest of us a break. It took me three days to think up 'All Dad, All Day,' and its not even that good. So this is a plea to the following name-squatters, who are just a small sampling of defunct daddy blogs here on blogger:
  • play at home dad
  • dadical
  • the dad abides
  • homedaddy
Give it up and give someone else a chance. For any other new dads who are stuck, here is my list of names that I didn't use but that are available:
  • 24-7 dad
  • dadlands
  • dadability
  • dadisaur
  • method to my dadness (my favorite but a little long)
So that's it, my first post. Yeah, I'm a big hit at cocktail parties.

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